Argus PharmaGroup matches each pharmacy-based drug program to our clients' business objectives. At the same time, all our programs are designed to meet the needs of patients, pharmacists and healthcare practitioners, to make their experience with your brand a positive one.

All of our programs offer:

  • Flexible Systems
  • Knowledgeable Account Management
  • 24/7 Call Center
  • Multiple Delivery Channels

Acquisition, Compliance and Adherence Programs, when carefully designed, can increase patient utilization throughout the lifecycle of a drug. By removing cost barriers we can help patients stay on medications so they can lead healthier lives. Our Event Based Management programs allow the pharmaceutical manufacturer to provide critical touch points based on drop off trends for products.

Patient Assistance Programs are designed to help remove the cost barriers to prescription drugs, enabling patients to start and stay on their prescribed medical therapy. From programs that enroll only the neediest patients to those that support a more universal coverage concept, Argus has crafted PAPs to fit every philanthropic effort.

Phase IV Clinical Trial Retail Pharmacy Programs have become a standard post-launch foundation of continued research for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our long-standing relationships with pharmacists and clinical research organizations enable us to support your ongoing studies more smoothly and effectively.

Pharmacist Programs have multiple goals. One is to communicate product benefits and program parameters in order to build understanding and enthusiasm for our clients' programs. Another is to make pharmacies aware that patients will be requesting the participating products at their pharmacies, to encourage product knowledge and stocking of inventory. Argus PharmaGroup believes that a consultative pharmacist is the most important link in the compliance and persistency equation for patients. The professional support and guidance that the pharmacist gives to patients to ensure a successful therapeutic experience cannot be underestimated.